The expertise of ifmc comprises a group of specialists, associated partners, and organisations with in-depth understanding and knowledge of natural resource management. Equipped with long-term, practical experience in both management and research, our team includes tropical forest and natural resource managers, economists, ICT-Experts and software developers, environmental engineers, and geo-scientists. These experts are engaged by ifmc on demand, as and when the need arises.


In order to ensure permanent access to state-of-the-art knowledge and technologies and to assist its clients with information and know-how, ifmc has also established strategic alliances with forestry research institutions, and a number of global business partners in forestry consulting and environmental resource management


Climate Forestry Limited (LL13000) - Malaysia

Climate Forestry Limited

Climate Forestry Ltd is a specialist forestry company with work programmes optimising forest management, supporting forest certification and timber legality, developing and implementing sustainable forest finance mechanisms, and supporting organizations to meet international conventions and environmental agreements. Climate Forestry is headed by Dr. Michael Galante a professional forester with long term experience across the Southeast Asian region.  The Head Office is based in the Federal Territory of Labuan, Malaysia.