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In our today's world of global competition, companies are forced to maintain or enhance their market position with latest knowledge and special skills in their core business. The asset of successful organisations and companies is the human resource that generates ideas, products, business, and profits. 
Information technology has increased the instant access to a world of knowledge for everyone, including your competitors. Increasing customer demands can only be satisfied through permanent development of improved management and product development skills, resulting in high-quality products for tomorrow's markets. 
Consequently, the key to access of target markets lies in training and development of human resources. Their skills and capacities need to be enhanced through a continuous learning and skills development process. In the field of responsible forest management, some areas require particular attention for compliance with international SFM standards:


  • forest management planning
  • multi-disciplinary forest resource assessment
  • integrated Forest Management Information Systems
  • timber harvesting methods (Reduced and Low Impact Logging)
  • logistics of log transportation and distribution to processing industries
  • environmentally sound forest infrastructure development (roads, camps, workshops, log yards)
  • technical environmental protection (waste disposal, pollution control)
  • forest fire prevention and fire fighting
  • safety standards for forest workers and support staff
  • reduction of timber wastage, increase of wood recovery rates
  • forest plantations: site preparation, planting methods, crop management
  • natural forest: silvicultural treatment systems and methods
  • growth simulation and analysis
  • yield forecasts and timber supply projections
  • participation and integration of local communities in forest management (conflict anticipation and prevention, conflict management, conflict resolution)

The ifmc expert team provides standard training programmes and courses specifically designed to serve our clients needs. Training services can be provided for individuals or groups and for all management levels, from the forest worker to the top management.