Profitability is certainly the dominant success factor for any kind of business. This is why sensitivity to changes in the business environment should be a primary concern to any natural resource manager. Forest inventories, operational plans, marketing strategies, promotion campaigns, and the use of environmentally sound high performance machineries, equipment and technologies all require detailed economic and operational efficiency.
ifmc assists with the development of sound investment decisions for resource managers:

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Cost/benefit studies

C/B-analyses are essential to compare the advantages (benefits) and disadvantages (costs) of any kind of investment project. The results are not the sole basis for decision making but they do indicate the financial or economic viability of an investment. In the forestry business, C/B-analysis can be conducted in numerous fields, e.g. when evaluating a technology switch from conventional to technically advanced, low energy input road construction or harvesting systems, to analyse various options of silvicultural treatment, to compare different marketing strategies for forest product sales, to analyse the impact of changing the mix of forest products offered, and for many other economic decision making processes.
ifmc is ready to consult your organisation on C/B studies for better management decisions.

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Timber Market Analysis and Sales Strategy Development

In a competitive global market selling of forest products at optimum prices is a challenging task for sales executives. In the timber market, the demand of consumer countries for product quality and environmentally sound timber production are progressively increasing.
Timber producers looking beyond today should be well alert in identifying changes in consumer demand profiles regarding product range, product quality, as well as environmental and social standards. It is obvious that companies anticipating market changes in time will be best equipped to respond to new demands and secure their share on the international wood markets, ahead of their competitors.

ifmc offers market and trend analyses, as well as product research and sales strategies to manage the change from "business-as-usual" to more sophisticated marketing concepts that optimise your company's economic returns.