Field discussion
When a project has been identified the project probability of success, its implementing bodies, the limitations and risks, as well as its funding requirements need to be thoroughly assessed.Project appraisal or feasibility study serve as decision support for final project approval and actual implementation.
Following the pre-approval, a detailed project design or project proposal (project offer) is required. Project objectives, results to be achieved, and activities to be carried out need to be determined. Such document contains a complete project implementation procedure, including budget and time frames. In case of longer-term projects periodical progress reviews must be to be carried out to ensure the project's course and activities are in line with the set objectives. In some cases a project re-design or adjustments will become necessary to accommodate changes in the political, economic or social project environment.
Following project completion, aproject impact analysis may be undertaken to assess its achievements and impacts in relation to the original objective. Such analysis is particularly helpful to identify successful tools, methods to be improved, and inappropriate approaches leading to project failure. The "lessons learnt" will strongly contribute to plan and implement future projects in a more realistic and efficient manner.
The ifmc team of associated experts can assist development organisations, as well as public and private sector institutions and companies in undertaking professional project identification, preparation, management and monitoring tasks.