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Computing software has become an important support tool for any decision-making at executive and operational management levels. In the field of forest management, software is used for e.g.

  • entry, storage and processing of large amounts of inventory data, covering geology and topography, rainfall, infrastructure and settlements, soils, timber and non-timber, wildlife, socio-economic aspects etc.
  • cost and revenue monitoring and forecasts / cost-benefit analyses
  • resource mapping with GIS
  • conditional data queries and retrieval with relational databasessimulation of forest growth dynamics and future timber yield
  • infrastructure development (road construction)
  • timber harvesting
  • silvicultural operations, enrichment planting and reforestation
  • design and analysis of special research projects
  • routine management tasks, e.g. planning, implementation and monitoring of forest operations

Standard requirements for modern computer packages include regulations on restrictions to access of databases, depending on the responsibility level of the user. Proper programming, full network compatibility and user-friendly windows-based operating surfaces ensure easy software modifications and extensions in case of need.
With our experience and knowledge in the field of data processing and programming, ifmc is well equipped to develop user-friendly software according to your specific needs, to perform training in software application for your staff, and also to teach selected computer staff in your company to undertake necessary modifications. A number of software packages have already been completed for standard forest operations.
These can be further developed as required by our clients and save them costs in software development.