Harvest Planning

It has been demonstrated by several research projects that financial investments in sound harvest planning reduce the overall costs of timber harvesting and extraction. Contrary to common belief, professional planning of timber harvesting operations is a cost saving investment, and not an unnecessary expense. Many studies have effectively shown that neglected planning aspects and initially avoided costs eventually emerge as a even more significant cost factor at a later stage. This typically applies to road construction, timber harvesting and extraction methods, and many other forest operations.


Log extraction


Reduced Impact Logging (RIL)

Under a SFM System, RIL is the current state-of-the-art timber extraction method for ground-based operations. The system includes proper skid trail planning and marking in the field, marking of trees to be retained and trees to be felled, directional felling, long distance winching and careful log extraction, thus reducing overall harvesting impacts on the residual forest stand. 
Present studies indicate a highly improved stand recovery following timber harvesting, and a high benefit-to-cost ratio of RIL versus conventional logging methods. 
ifmc experts have gained long-term practical experience with RIL methods and financial analyses. We can train your forest workers to become experts in RIL implementation on the ground. This will help your company in reducing harvesting costs, protecting the environment and hence achieve an improved economic performance.

Example of reduced impact logging
Example of cable yarding 


Low Impact Logging (LIL)

Similar to RIL, the objective of Low Impact Logging is to minimise the damage patterns caused by timber harvesting, particularly in environmentally sensitive terrain, such as on steeper slopes, or in buffer zones around conservation areas. This is why LIL is mostly designed as an airborne (i.e. off-ground) operation that does not cause damage to forest soils and maintains their full productivity for plant growth. LIL must be carried out with special harvesting machinery, such as helicopters or long distance skyline (cable) yarding systems. Both systems require expert knowledge in harvest planning and extraction to warrant a cost efficient operation. 
ifmc provides integrated off-ground solutions for complex terrain conditions, including indication of preferable equipment, harvest planning and training of company staff.